Friday, April 24, 2009

Pics and stuff

The assignment in this week's 27 Things course is becoming familiar with Flickr. While I had a Flickr account at one time, I'm a Shutterfly gal ( I think the organization tools are easier to work with. Flickr has some beautiful, interesting images, though, and lots of stuff to play with.


  1. I use Flickr frequently to find photos with Creative Commons licences granting permission to re-use and/or adapt them for library purposes (like illustrating blogs.) I'm not familiar with other photo sharing sites - does Shutterfly offer a similar service?

  2. There's really nothing like that on Shutterfly, but we really just needed. One of our issues is that my husband uses a 45-year-old 35mm camera, so it can take several weeks to get images posted. I use a digital camera, but he's got the eye and takes really nice pictures. Shutterfly has a drag and drop feature to arrange images. Flickr had more features than we really needed.

  3. I, too, have a shutterfly account. I'm TRYING to do a one-year scrapbook of our family (2006) but it is just as slow going as scrapbooking by hand! I want to give it a try because it takes me FOREVER to get a scrapbook done. We'll see....